KriBizz Solution offers Trademark application & registration services all over India to any individual or Company. Trademark is atype of an Intellectual Property consisting of recognizable Sign, Design, Word or Symbol which identifies products or services of aparticular source from those of others. Generally, Trademark is your Brand name or Logo which identifies your business products &services. Trademark registration is done to secure legal protection for your brand name or logo from copying by other companies

There are overall 45 Trademark Classes in India &all the Goods & Services are categorized across these 45 classes. If your business falls under different classes, you must apply for trademark under all applicable classes to avail benefits of trademark. We Kribizz Solution can assistyou in selecting &guiding about which class will applicable to your business as you need to be careful while selecting applicable classes as it determines validity of your trademark across India.

We Kribizz Solution provides end to end solution from finding appropriate classes and also to check that required trademark does not match with existing trademark & to apply trademark in the respective class and after that if any objection arises than to guide & submit appropriate response